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Carrying with a Round in the Chamber: Is it Safe?

When it comes to concealed carry, one hotly debated topic is whether to carry with a round in the chamber. This blog post delves into the critical considerations surrounding this practice. We explore the necessity of readiness in high-stress situations, the safety mechanisms of modern firearms, and the importance of proper training to mitigate risks. Additionally, we examine the varying legal perspectives across states and highlight the significance of selecting the right holster for loaded carry. Discover why having a loaded chamber could be essential for effective self-defense while balancing safety and legal responsibilities.

Carrying with a Round in the Chamber: Is it Safe?
  • Replacing Your Old Holster

    Replacing Your Old Holster

    Is your old holster showing its age? Does it still snugly embrace your handgun as it once did? Can you confidently say it's safe...

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  • How to choose a holster?

    How to choose a holster?

    You've selected your firearm, and you've already acquired the ammunition you intend to carry. Now, it's the perfect moment to contemplate your preferred method...

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  • 5 Things To Pay Attention To

    5 Things To Pay Attention To

    Now, what's the next step? You have your handgun, an essential tool for self-defense, protecting not only yourself but also your loved ones. The...

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