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Front Line's thumb-break retention holster offers rapid weapon access, heightened security, and tailored customization, making it the perfect choice for self-defense, ensuring both quick response and user-specific comfort.

Open Top Holsters

Front Line's open-top holster offers the dual benefits of lightning-fast quickdraw access and secure firearm retention, ensuring both life-saving speed and peace of mind in self-defense situations, all while enabling easier and more discreet concealment.

Level II Holsters

Front Line's Enhanced Retention Tactical Holsters: Engineered with an additional layer of security, these tactical firearm holsters feature a two-step release process for superior weapon retention and control in high-stress situations.

Level III Holsters

Front Line's Triple-Action Security Holsters: These advanced firearm holsters are equipped with a multi-layered security system, demanding three distinct actions for weapon release, ensuring enhanced safety and control.