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Being On The Front line Is Our Mission

Front Line Holsters draws its inspiration from the daily realities of life in Israel, where the front line is an inescapable part of existence. This experience, coupled with on going operational insights, led us to manufacture and deliver top-tier gun holsters, serving individual civilians as well as entire institutional and defense organizations.

Our company stands as a testament to longevity and innovation, boasting over half a century of experience, expertise, dedication, and professionalism. We constantly seek innovation while remaining committed to upholding the highest standards, adapting to evolving trends, and providing cutting-edge solutions for the harshest global environments encountered by civilians and elite units. Front Line Holsters is also ISO certified and proudly serves as Israel's leading distributor of firearm products and accessories, including pepper spray, batons, restraints, light training equipment, safety gun lanyards, and more.

Premium Products

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ourtier-1 quality items fit a diverse range of best-selling pistols, including Jericho, Uzi, Masada, Baby Eagle, Canik, and many others. We seamlessly blend old-world craftsmanship with state-of-the-art materials and technology, offering holster solutions for over 150 pistol and revolver models, catering to the needs of right-and left-handed users.

Our products feature a wide array of advanced, high-quality, and licensed raw materials, carry options, retention systems, and finishes.

Supreme Versatility

Front Line Holsters provide versatile wearing options, whether IWB, OWB on the belt or thigh, around the ankle, or over the shoulders, for visible or concealed carrying. These options guarantee a secure and efficient carry, prized by operatives in high-risk environments and civilians in need.

Trending Innovations

We continuously adapt to evolving firearm trends, enhancing holster durability, safety, and longevity. Our products feature modern materials like our cutting-edge KNG, Kydex with suede lining, Alpha lining, and classic hand-crafted vegetable-tanned leather. Additionally, we innovate in locking mechanisms and carry options, introducing solutions like our level III retention HDL™ lock and SR™ locks.

Handled with Care

Front Line Holsters collaborates with leading firearm manufacturing companies, crafting personalized solutions to suit the needs of each user. Our holsters are made on-demand, prioritizing quality over quantity.

Sustainable Production

In our dedication to environmental responsibility, we manufacture holsters on aper-order basis to minimize waste. We prioritize sustainable material sourcing from eco-minded suppliers.

For Civilians

For those seeking personal protection, explore our wide selection of IWB, OWB/BFL holsters featuring alpha lining, Push & Draw systems, Head Lock systems, and more.

For the Institutional/Defense Market

Front Line Holsters is honored to supply top-tier holsters and accessories to elite Spec-Ops, military, and law enforcement units, including The Israeli Police, SWAT, Secret Service, Prison Service, and Defense Forces. We tailor our products to meet the dynamic and demanding customization needs of these VIP customers.