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B2017 Inner & Outer Duty Belt

SKU: B2017-S
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Comprising both an inner and outer belt, this innovative system offers versatility that adapts to your needs. The outer belt, spanning a width of 50mm, is meticulously constructed from high-density webbing, complemented by Velcro on its inner side. This combination ensures durability and a secure fastening.
The inner belt, boasting a generous width of 75mm, is thoughtfully crafted from knitted fabric. This layer provides more than just comfortable padding; it fosters free airflow between the waist and belt, guaranteeing comfort during extended wear. An inner anti-slip material enhances grip and stability, preventing unwanted shifts during rigorous activities.
Safety takes precedence with the inclusion of a 3-point HD release buckle on the outer belt. This buckle not only provides a secure closure but ensures that your gear stays reliably in place.
Further enhancing this belt system's safety features is the polymer triglide slide. Attached to the inner Velcro belt, this element offers an additional layer of security, elevating the overall safety quotient of the system.
In essence, the Dual Inner and Outer Belt System is a synthesis of comfort, safety, and adaptability, making it an essential choice for dynamic professionals.

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